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It is estimated that you will spend 90,000 hours working. Why not do something you love, working on different projects, in diverse environments, making an impact in the community you live in. Discover Land Surveying - Where Career Meets Livestyle.

Manley Jobs, is YouTube series hosted by Sweet Home High School forestry and natural resources teacher Blake Manley and editor Ramil Malabago. This episode features what its like to be a surveyor. OSU student LaceAnna Shiffert is going to teach us how she got there.

A Career without Boundaries -

So what are top three reasons you should become a land surveyor?

1) Every day is different
2) It's like being a detective
3) The future is bright

WorkBC's Career Trek series features Land Surveying in British Columbia. This episode highlights a Fort St. John land surveyor explaining why precision is crucial when dealing with clients' properties and land boundaries. He likes the variety of office and fieldwork and may travel to remote locations by ATV, snowmobile or helicopter.

See how to become a land surveyor in Oregon here.

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Surveying is the perfect profession. Mixed work, generous rewards and not enough graduates to go around. Check out the video for an introduction to surveying and what it's all about - even in Australia.

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