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Oregon Young Surveyors (OrYSN) Network Committee

Brenton Griffin, OrYSN Chair

The group is comprised of Young Surveyors who have joined together under a few common goals.

These goals define the mission of the Oregon Young Surveyors:

Empower young surveyors, together with PLSO and NSPS, to promote and educate the surveying profession and the public.

Empower young surveyors, together with PLSO and NSPS, to create a communy where ideas and experiences can be shared to contribute to the advancement of the profession.

Empower young surveyors, together with PLSO and NSPS, to shape the future of surveying through involvement in professional organizations.

When do you meet?

Currently, the Oregon Young Surveyors hold virtual meetings on the first Monday of every month, at 6:30pm. Face-to-face meetings have been planned quarterly to encourage growth and community. Contact for more information.

Who makes up this group?

The NSPS Young Surveyors are defined by surveyors aged 35 years or under, students of surveying or those surveyors within 10 years of graduating from a Bachelor or Master’s Degree. Every surveyor is welcome to join to the group; however the focus is to provide support for those individuals that meet the definition Currently we have 33 states represented within our group. Membership is free!.

We are looking for surveyors of any age that are passionate about growing the profession and mentoring the youth that will one day become leaders. Feel free to reach out with any idea you may have, or anything you are interested in.

How did this group get started?

The NSPS Young Surveyors Network is modeled after the International Federation of Surveyors (FIG) Young Surveyors Network. Our aim is to establish a national network of Young Surveyors within NSPS and its affiliate organizations.

The FIG Young Surveyors Network was started by a working group created in 2006 at the Munich FIG Congress. The reason that this working group was started in the first place was to bring more young surveyors into the network in FIG and because of the age structure within the surveying community. In 2009, the working group was upgraded to a Young Surveyors Network and has been building ever since. A main focus of the group has been on networking and getting to know more people. This helps to expand our personal network, professional network and continues to entice people to be involved in the movement as we believe this is a strong motivator for many.

Join the Network


Monthly Call

Contact the Group for the Conference Call Link


Strategic Plan

Create a road map for the OrYSN's future. We want to be strong and sustainable for years to come.


We would like participate in at least one volunteer opportunity in 2019 in which we can benefit the community in some way. 

OrYSN Monthly Business Meeting Notes

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