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    Mr. Maurice Heter 

    Land Surveyor. Seismic Surveyor Supervisor, Land and or Marine. Geological Technician. Client Representative; Land and Marine. Marine Navigation QC, quality advisor.

    Suite 203, 8638 Hudson,St, Vancouver, B.C.

    V6P 4M5 Canada.  

    Phone : 604-620-7426,

    Fax: n/a

    Cell: 604-782-4691,




    Seismic Surveyor Supervisor, 2D and 3D. Seismic Navigator QC, Client Representative, Party Chief, Mineral Surveyor/Geologist with extensive experience in land and mineral surveying. Hydrographic surveying. Thirty four years of work experience and a Can-Do attitude. I have National and International work experience. Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, professional and a team player. Some hydrographic survey work experience. Dimensional control surveying.


    Land Surveyor, Underhill Geomatics Ltd. 3430 Brighton Avenue, Burnaby, BC, Canada. Working in the office, scanning old job files and working in the field when required using GPS, total stations and laser scanners, Faro XX300 and Leica P20.  August 31,2015 to present.

    Navigation Client Representative. Quality advisor Subcontracting to Scanseis AS, Skien, Norway for the client: Repsol SA. May 26, 2015- July 2, 2015. Working onboard the CGGVeritas Geo Caribbean on a 3D Broadseis survey, deep tow offshore Portugal; JV clients were Repsol, Galp Energy, Partex and Kosmos Energy. I worked 38 days offshore. Used Geometis MX and Multiseis for navigation quality control as well as Winfrog. Provided daily navigation reports, weekly summary and monthly summary reports.

    Surveyor. Underhill Geomatics Ltd, Burnaby,BC. Canada. September 9, 2014-present. Working in the office to support laser 3D scanning activities. Also I scan old job files and these are put on the office computer network server. Full time position. Used total stations and digital levels.

    Seismic Client Representative/supervisor.  Subcontracting to EPI Group, UK.  I worked onboard the M/V Polar Duke: Dolphin Geophysical. The client is Repsol, Madrid Spain, survey is located in Aruba. June 30, 2014 to August 14, 2014. Navigation QC supervision during the survey; acquisition with Seal 428 in continuous recording mode, with Sentinel solid streamers and Nautilus streamer control system. Used Multiseis for navigation qc inspection and reporting as well as Winfrog, Word and Excel.

    Surveyor. Underhill Geomatics Ltd. Burnaby, BC. April 26, 2014 to June 29,2014. Worked in the office scanning old job files into the computerized filing system. Casual position. Use total stations and digital levels for field work, when required.

    Client Representative, Navigation QC.  RPS Australia, Asia Pacific. The contract was with Petronas,Carigali, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. I worked on board the Western Spirit seismic ship doing a 3D Q marine Oblique Q- slant streamer survey on blocks PM8 and PM327S off the coast of Tenengannu state, Malaysia. November 14, 2013 to January 27,2014. Processed airborne lidar bathymetry data sets. Worked with MBES. Used Winfrog, Sirius and Neptune for navigation quality control.

    Client Representative, Navigation,QC. RPS Energy, Canada. Calgary, Alberta and Halifax, Nova Scotia. I worked aboard the Western Geco source boat: Geco Tau on the Shell Canada, Shelburne Wide azimuth survey, off the coast of Shelburne, Nova Scotia. May 17, 2013 to September 4,2013. Four other boats were on this survey. I used Checkpoint reporting software and Winfrog and Neptune for navigation quality control.

    Mineral Surveyor.  Sabina Gold and Silver Ltd. North Vancouver, BC. Worked at the George Lake, Nunavut mineral project. March 10, 2013 to May 31,2013. Performed all land surveys and down hole surveys with the Reflex gyro tool and software. Used a Trimble 5800 GNSS RTK for drill site stakeouts.

    Client Rep, Navigation QC.  RPS Australia, Asia, Pacific Ltd. Worked onboard the CGGVeritas Viking Vision, offshore Sarawak, Malaysia. Client: Petronas Carigali. Project: Block SK317A 3 offshore Sarawak 3D seismic survey November 14, 2012 to January 6, 2013. Used Winfrog,sirius and excel for navigation quality control.

    Client Representative. Scanseis Consulting Group Ltd, Porsgrunn, Norway. Worked on board the PGS: Ramform Challenger in the North sea, west of the Shetland Islands, in the Faroes Island/UKCS sectors. The survey was a 3D towed Geostreamer, GeoSource. July 1, 2012 to October 2, 2012. Provided daily reports to the client Statoil, Norway. Used Multiseis for the reports and Multistudio QC/Winfrog for advanced qc and attribute analysis of the navigation and seismic data. Worked with some airborne lidar bathymetry data sets.

    Seismic Surveyor. Amerapex. Oil Exploration Company of Iraq. Port Said Street, Rusafa, Bagdad, Iraq. November 30, 2011 to May 29, 2012. Performed 3D land seismic surveys in Central and Southern Iraq supplied technical support to the survey crews: crew2-South East Baghdad and crew3-Al Anbar province. Crew 1 was at Kerbola, Iraq.

    Client Representative Navigation. Trafalgar Exploration Services Ltd, . Houston, Texas, USA.,SVL Ltd, Bournemouth, UK .July 10 to October 24,2011. Worked on board the CGGveritas Vantage in Cuban waters doing a 3D seismic survey for Sonangol PP/Cupet. 3D survey with 8 towed streamers. Surveyed Blocks N23 and N33. Supervised the seismic navigation during the acquisition of the seismic data on behalf of the client, Sonangol PP, State oil company of Angola, formerly SACOR. Worked with MBES. Used Winfrog for quality control.

    Land Surveyor Technician.  Underhill Geomatics Ltd. Unit 210A, 3430 Brighton Avenue, Burnaby, BC. August11,2010toJune24,2011. Performed a variety of land surveys in the Metro Vancouver region using Trimble GPS RTK-5800 GNSS and Total Stations and the Faro 3D laser scanner.

    Land Surveyor Assistant.  Matson, Peck and Topliss, Land Surveyors, Richmond, BC. January 112010- August 6, 2010. Performed land surveys in the lower mainland of Metro Vancouver using Leica1210 GPS.

    Seismic Surveyor Supervisor. Vision Project Services. Bournemouth, Dorset, UK. November 8, 2009 to December 8, 2009. Performed land seismic quality control on the Hadida North 2D and Sufyan 2D(165Km)Helicopter portable seismic survey in South Kordofan and  South Darfur, Sudan. Used Trimble 5600 GPS RTK. Client: Petro Energy, Khartoum, Sudan. Contractor was ZPEB, Sinopec Ltd.

    Land Surveyor Assistant. Matson, Peck and Topliss. Richmond, BC. September 15, 2009-November 5, 2009. Performed land surveys in the lower mainland; Metro Vancouver. Casual employment.

    Seismic Navigation Client Representative.  RPS Energy Ltd. 411N, Sam Houston Parkway East, Houston, Texas. November 10, 2008 – July1, 2009. Performed navigation quality control on the seismic vessel: CGGVeritas Princess in the Gulf of Mexico. Client: PEMEX. Used Sirius and Neptune software for towed streamer quality control of the GPS network and acoustic network on the streamer, as well as Seispos and P1/Tools. Projects: Cinturon Subsalt and Gulf of Mexico Regional 2D seismic survey. 20500km of 2D seismic surveying in Mexican Territorial waters including the Eastern and Western Gap areas and the Cuban maritime boundary. Worked with Winfrog system during the survey.

    Party Chief Surveyor. Sub-Arctic Surveys. Yellowknife, NWT. September 4, 2008-September 24, 2008. Performed land surveying duties at the Hope Bay Mine, Hope Bay, Nunavut for Newmont Mining Inc. Performed route surveying, rock quarry surveying for extracted volumes of rock. As-built surveys of camp infrastructure. Seasonal work. Used Trimble 5800 GNSS RTK for all surveying.

    Seismic Surveyor Supervisor. Kinetex Inc. 125-61st Avenue SE. Calgary, Alberta T2H 0R4. Performed 2D land seismic surveying in Columbia. May 6, 2008 – August 15, 2008. Used Leica 500 GPS RTK and Leica Geomatics Office software. Clients; CarbonnesDelCaribe, Valledupar,Cesar,Colombia: El Hatillo 2D and Coal Corp, Toronto Ontario, Canada, Rio Cesar2D survey.

    Seismic Surveyor Supervisor/ClientRep. AlphaGeoIndia Ltd, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India/Paragon Geophysical, Wichita, Kansas. Performed 3D seismic surveying in Assam State and Gujarat.  Clients: Oil-India, Assam, NaftogazIndia Private.Ltd, Adani Group, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.  Prospecting for oil and natural gas. Used GPSeismic and Trimble 5700 GNSS RTK GPS and Trimble Geomatics Office. February 7, 2008 to April 15, 2008. Seasonal work due to Monsoons.

    Seismic Surveyor, Terra Seis International Ltd. Calgary, Alberta. Performed 2Dland seismic surveying: 795linekilometers in Kurdistan, Iraq. November 1-January 15,2008.  Client: Dana Oil and Gas UAE. Contract work. Used Leica 1230 GPS RTK and Leica Geomatics Office software as well as GPSeismic for data management.

    Underground Mine Surveyor.  Procon Mining and Tunneling Ltd. 108-4664 Lougheed Highway, Burnaby, B.C. Performed underground surveying at the Nalunaq Gold Mine, Nanortalik, Greenland for Crew Gold and the Ruddock Creek lead zinc project for Selkirk Metals Revelstoke, B.C. August 28- October 30, 2007.

    Mineral Surveyor. Miramar Hope Bay Ltd. #300-889 Harbourside Drive, North Vancouver, BC.Canada.  Performed all exploration survey requirements surface and down hole at the Hope Bay project, Nunavut, Canada.  May 15, 2007 to August 24, 2007.Seasonal work. All work was done by helicopter during the summer months and snowmobile in spring.

    Seismic Surveyor 3D. AlphaGeoIndia, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India.  Performed 3D seismic surveying in India. November 11, 2006 to April 14, 2007. Clients: Essar Petroleum Ltd, Mumbai, India. Project: Mehsana 3D survey. Used Z-MAX GPS receivers and Allegro CX data collector with GNSS studio software. Version 1.50.1 as well as GPseismic.

    Mineral Surveyor. Strata Gold Guyana Inc. 63 Middle Street North Cummingsburg, Georgetown, Guyana. Responsible for all mineral surveying at the Tassawini Gold project-diamond drill locations, reverse circulation drill locations roads and all dump mill sites. October 2, 2006 to October 30, 2007. Contract work.

    Senior-Surveyor-offshore.  AGC21 Consultants. Surrey, United Kingdom.  August 14-September 20, 2006.  Performed offshore surveying for offshore oil and gas activities in the Gulf of Mexico: Jacket installations for drilling, production, storage and habitation. Client: PEMEX. Used EIVA Navipac and Nikon total stations for positioning the substructure jacket prior to topside installation as well as the final as built survey of the jacket. Worked on the semi-submersible crane barge-Hermod owned and operated by Heerema Marine Construction. Leiden, Netherlands. Performed dimensional control surveys for the client.

    Offshore Surveyor.  Lyall Surveys, Victoria, BC. June 18-July 31, 2006. Performed offshore surveying in the Gulf of Mexico for Fugro Chance de Mexico SA de CV. Software:  Starfix Nav. Performed as-built surveys of sub sea pipelines; oil, gas, nitrogen and sour gas, also sub sea pipeline layouts and trenching at pipeline crossings prior to pipeline installation. Used USBL and differential GPS for survey positioning. Received two weeks training from Fugro Chance in Houston, Texas. Week 1: Offshore water survival and Peck Training. Week 2: Starfix Nav, software training for offshore surveying in the Gulf of Mexico. Worked with MBES systems.

    Geologist/Geotechnician. Dundee Precious Meals Inc.  North Vancouver, BC. March 23, 2006 to May 23, 2006. Back River project, Nunavut, Canada.  Performed all exploration survey requirements; surface and down hole. Seasonal work. Used Leica 1230 GPS RTK.

    Mineral Surveyor. StrataGold Guyana Inc. 63 Middle street, North Cummingsburg, Georgetown, Guyana.  November 18, 2005- Feb 23, 2006.Surveying all diamond drill holes and reverse circulation drill locations on the concession. Contract work.

    Seismic Surveyor Supervisor.  Lyall Surveys, Victoria, BC. Canada.  Performed 2D sparse seismic surveying-700 line km in Morocco for GeoAtlas Ltd.  Client: Heyco International, Houston, Texas. October 1, 2005-November 10, 2005. Projects: Moulay Bousellham-2D and the Sidi Sleiman 2D. Vibroseis was the source. Contract work. Used a Leica 405 Total Station and one Magellan GPS for all line pickups after line staking was complete but prior to line acquisition.

    Surveyor/Geotechnician. Dundee Precious Metals Inc. 885Harbourside Drive, North Vancouver, BC. April 24, 2005 – September 16, 2005. Worked in Nunavut performing mineral exploration surveying. Back River project. Performed all exploration survey requirements; surface and down hole and mapping. Seasonal work. Helicopter portable.

    Mineral Surveyor. StrataGold Guyana Inc.  63 Middle Street North Cummingsburg, Georgetown, Guyana. Surveyed diamond drill locations and reverse circulation drill holes on the Tassawinni mineral concession. April 2, 2005 to April 20, 2005. Contract work. August 1-15,2005.

    Geomatics Technician.  Underhill Geomatics Ltd Unit 210A, 3430 Brighton Avenue, Burnaby, BC.  January 3,2005 to March 30,2005. Land surveying in the lower mainland.

    Senior Seismic Surveyor   WesternGeco-Schlumberger. Khartoum, Sudan.  October 1-December 30, 2004. Contract work on 2D seismic surveys in Sinnar state, Republic of Sudan. Block 8 concession-Dinder River prospect leased by Petronas Carigali, state oil company of Malaysia. Worked on dynamite and vibroseis source arrays using Trimble 5600GPS-RTK systems. Software: GPSeismic, Trimble Geomatics Office. AUTOCAD and Excel. All operations were by vehicle and helicopter portable for this survey.

    Mineral Surveyor. Miramar Bathurst Ltd.  835Harbour Side Drive North Vancouver, BC. August 9, 2004- September 19,2004. Performed mineral exploration surveys-surface and down hole surveys: (Maxibor) at Goose Lake, Back River Project, Nunavut. Canada.  Seasonal work. Helicopter portable diamond drilling.

    Maurice L. Heter, B.Sc., Diploma of Tech. Cert.                                                       PAGE. 4.


             Private Recruit.                                                                                   January-April 1986

     6 Field Engineer Squadron, North Vancouver, BC. 1513 Forbes Avenue, North Vancouver.

     Participated in weekly parade drill and training and monthly military engineering exercises

     Pertaining to military engineering, combat engineering. Attached to 1st Combat Engineer                          



             Bachelor of Science. (Geology)  1977                                                                           

             University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

             Surveying and Mapping Technology. 1980                                                                                                                                           

             BCIT. Burnaby, BC, Canada.


             CGA of BC. (2nd year)  University of British Columbia,     1983.                            

             Forestry Crewperson Certificate.  1985                                                                         

             BCIT. Maple Ridge, BC.

     Professional Development.

    Tagalog level 1. 2002. Vancouver School Board. John Oliver Senior  HS.            

    Conversational Arabic Level 2. UBC. Vancouver, BC. 2000.                                   Conversational Arabic Level 1. UBC. Vancouver, BC. 2000.                                      Intermediate GPS, BCIT.1994 Burnaby, BC.   

     Introduction to GPS, BCIT.1994. Burnaby, BC.                                                                                                                   

     AutoCAD 1, BCIT. 1995. Vancouver, BC.                                                                                                                   

     AutoCAD 1, 1995.  Vancouver School Board John Oliver Senior HS.                                                                                                                   

     Surveying Computations, BCIT. 1993-1994. Burnaby, BC.

     Transits and EDM instruments. BCIT 1993 Burnaby, BC.                                     

     Ontario: Ministry of Education and Training; Program 770010       Underground Hard rock mining.       Common Core for basic U/G Hard rock mining skills:

    General Inspection.  97/08/ Scaling: 97/08/24. Balmertown, Ontario. Canada, while working for Gold Corp Inc.

    Offshore medical; Norwegian medical 2015-2017.    

     PECK/Premier card,2006. FOET-2017 and Canadian HUET/Hueba course, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, valid until May 2016.

     Emergency First aid for Industry with AED, St John Ambulance.


    Starfix Nav.  Survey software training for offshore surveying Gulf of Mexico. Fugro Chance Ltd. Houston, Texas, USA. 2006.

    Volunteer Activity:

    Race Event Volunteers of Vancouver.  Molson Indy auto race in Vancouver BC.  Canada.



        Available upon request.

    Driver’s license:

        Valid Class 5, British Columbia, Canada.


         Society of Exploration Geophysics-SEG, Associate member.2013, 2014.

    First Aid Certificate; Emergency first aid for industry and AED.2016.

    FOET, HUET/Hueba.


















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